Have you ever felt little and insignificant? Have you ever stopped and thought, Oh my, there are 7 billion human beings on this planet and I am just one of them, and add to that billions and trillions of other organisms living on this planet at this particular point in time.

Reincarnation is a philosophical concept, religious too since it finds way in some of the world’s largest religions, which states that any living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death. I, for one, am for it. Consider the current population of the world, 7 billion distinct individual human beings. Millions of babies born each minute and millions of people dying each minute. Add to that thousands of years of human evolution, right from the primates to who we are today. now one thing to ponder here is, what does really make us human? Is it the advanced paws which we call hands which help us craft the most complicated of things, is it the legs which help us run and avoid danger, or is it the brains which helped us create the humongous amalgamation which we call us our society? Undoubtedly, it is a combination of all these things, the most important organ being the brain.

Revisiting the concept of reincarnation now, as mentioned earlier, just at this point of time the dynamics of the populations is changing, individuals are changing. On a positive note, babies are being born as you read this, and sadly, people are dying as you read this. It can be safely said that the number of individuals on this planet has cumulatively been in the trillions, and that is just a conservative estimate.

The thinking part of the brain is the frontal lobe in the cerebrum, which affects our perception, thought, behavior, problem solving skills, physical reactions and personality. There can only be so many distinct lobes to give each individual a unique identity. In that case considering the number of distinct individuals we have had throughout the human history, it is bound to happen that the exact same composition of the brain, at least the parts that actively shape up our personality, like the frontal lobe, is present in two or more people, no matter when or where they were born, or what they used to do. For example, a loan shark in the villages of India in the 16th century, and a modern day unethical tax evading businessman could have the exact same ways of thinking, and isn’t this the definition of reincarnation in the first place?

So coming back to the question posed in the first paragraph, no need to have an existential crisis my dear reader, I’m sure your legacy will carry on even after you’re long gone.