Mr Sharma was a very religious guy. Everyday he used to get up early in the morning, take a shower and walk to the nearby temple to offer his prayers. It didn’t matter to him whether it was summer or winter, it was a rain storm or a dust storm, he never failed to reach the temple on time.

As time went by, his prayers seemed to work and he accumulated a decent amount of wealth, well, not a decent amount but he accumulated enough to buy a brand new motorcycle at the Dhanteras (two days before Deepavali) of that year. He was ecstatic. Now, instead of walking to the temple, he could just use his vehicle, it saved him a lot of time.

On the fine morning of Deepavali, he got up and got ready as usual and rode his bike to the temple. Since it was a day of festivities, he got a bit carried away and prayed excessively and absent-mindedly walked back home afterwards. (as was usual until two days ago) When he reached home, he realized he had forgotten his bike. He got the shock of his life when he discovered that the keys to the bike were not in his pocket. Realizing his grave mistake that the bike was keyed in, he frantically ran back to the temple.

The bike was still parked there, in its glory, basking in the fine November sun. Sharma was deliriously ecstatic. He thought that only because of his pure faith, the bike did not get stolen. He decided that he should buy a coconut and offer it in the temple for all the good that had happened to him. He bought the coconut, went inside the temple, broke it and offered the Prasad to everyone in the vicinity. After that, he came out of the temple.

The bike was no longer there.

Disclaimer:Β This story was based on fact. Any similarity with any event, real or fictional was purely intentional. Yeah, bite me!