First and foremost, happy new year to all my dear readers. I know, I know, it is a bit too late for wishing that, but I’ve been quite busy these past few days. Well, not really. I just didn’t feel the urge to log in, kind of like a self imposed exile from all such things, but anyway, I am back now.

So how about those new year’s resolutions, eh? Everyone seems to be getting one, and a drastic one at that. People who have never seen a sunrise in their lives vowing to wake up everyday at 5 AM for exercises, or dope headed dipsomaniacs vowing to never touch a drink again. I’ve also had my share of such ridiculous resolutions but I’ve grown out of that phase now. The term “new year” doesn’t really mean much to me. Don’t get me wrong though, having long term goals in your personal and professional lives are really important and the beginning of an arbitrary new year only seems to be the perfect opportunity to start over, but the real problem here is low high the attrition rate is. The same people who had early risin’ as their new year resolution would be seen dozing off until 9:11 in the morning, and the dipsomaniac would be seen gulping down drinks after drinks after the supposed 3 day “dry spell” that was the first three days of the new year resolution.

My point here is, because of the drop outs, the new year resolution thing has become somewhat of a cliche. I recently visited The Daily Post of WordPress and saw that the first “First Friday” thread of the year had more than 800 comments. Usually, the count is somewhere between 250-400. Curious, I entered the thread to find an unusual amount of new blogs, which made me happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because a lot of new people taking up a great hobby that is blogging, and sad because a vast majority of these blogs would be abandoned within a month or two. The ones which actually would survive would also decrease to posting only once or twice a year, mostly at the beginning of the year. (Can you see a pattern developing here?)

Hence, my only appeal to the newbies of any hobby, be it blogging, exercising, or photography is that try and stick with it. If you got sick of it within a week, then you probably didn’t give it your best shot. If time constraint is a big problem, try taking up a hobby/resolution which isn’t too time consuming. A lot of people overdo such stuff within the first week or two, run out of steam, realize they’re not good at it (example: not seeing results within the first week at the gym) and completely leave it never to return again (until the first week of the next year). So yeah, pace yourself.

As always, my best wishes are with you all. Please do follow me on Twitter and if you ever want to get in touch you can contact me.

Much love,