Everyone has a bit of drama in their life. Some have it very less and infrequent, while others have it more often than regular Broadway cast members. Whatever may be the frequency with you, you cannot deny the fact that it does add some spice in life.

As is the case with charity, drama begins at home. Right from the moment one is born, interesting gossip begins. Who is the cutest kid on the block? Why is my 19 month old son still shorter than the neighbour’s 16 month old toddler.

However, the real fun is during school, when innumerable comparisons about other students getting higher marks, or how some parents pamper their kids with expensive toys and games prompting their own children demanding the same. Or how a brash bully needs to be taught a lesson (which is awesome by the way, I mean the teaching a lesson part and not the bullying part).

In fact, some of the claims are so ridiculous they’re outlandish, like how the only reason that kid gets such high marks is his/her parents have arranged for seven extra tuition teachers for the four subjects in school and that every full moon they light up a fire, dance around it only wearing a hoola hoop of leaves and beheading the chicken to please the almighty Goddess of the perfect GPA!

These ridiculous comparisons, speculations, gossip and conspiracy theories continue to one’s adult life and do not leave their side until they’re lying on their death bed. With the advent of the internet, people have found new and more innovative ways to create and enjoy drama. Forums are full of internet trolls lurking around, trying to seize the slighest opportunity to start a flame wars among users or groups with different ideologies, while they sit back, relax and enjoy with a bag of popcorn.

I do not remember a single platform where I haven’t come across disagreements over the most mundane of things. You name it, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, Nimbuzz, eBuddy, even the holy grail of WordPress, a platform which a lot of users swear by.

Oh yes, it is true. WordPress is indeed a very weird, drama conductive platform. On the one hand, we have the majority, a sect of bloggers which figuratively fellates fellow bloggers with comments like “Oh, it was so awesome, awe inspiring. Your post changed my life.”

No! It didn’t change your life. It was, at best, a sophomoric attempt at writing and admittedly a lot of improvement would be seen if a few creases were ironed out, but please, do not make these people overconfident in their ability. I literally have seen more than a thousand blogs with mediocre writing being verbally fellated by other mediocre writers in the comments section. (See, even I am trying to cause a bit of drama with such disparaging comments. πŸ˜€ )

On the other hand, we have the snowflakes people. A typical conversation with them goes a bit something like this :

Me : Hey. Somebody liked your post.

Snow : Oh, what’s the meaning of just a like? They didn’t even read it that’s why they pressed like and moved on.

Me : Hey. Somebody has commented “Nice post!” on one of your posts.

Snow : I wish the comments were more meaningful. Oh God, why have you sent a saint like me among the donkeys of the blogging world?

Me : Hey. Somebody has posted a long meaningful comment on one of your posts.

Snow : Oh c’mon! How am I supposed to reply to something like that? Can’t people have more brevity?

The bottomline is, there is no pleasing such people. They find fault with everything. I don’t even know how to deal with such people, but the only thing I would suggest is, you yourself don’t be like that, the complaints will reduce, one blogger at a time.

Another breed of bloggers that comes to my mind is what I call as “The Hater of Haters”. These people write a long 600 word essay slamming their so called “Haters”, all without particularly naming anyone and being as passive aggressive as possible. The icing on the cake is when at the end they say, “Oh haters don’t bother me at all. I have a skin thicker than an alligator” Well, why did you write such a long post then?

A prime example of such a post would be this.

So after all this nonsensical talk, most of which I’m sure didn’t make any sense to any of you, I would like to say that drama is a part and parcel of life, be it online or IRL. Either you can indulge in a bit of gossip and enjoy, or you can try to stay away and fail miserably.

The point is, these things don’t leave one’s back, as long as we have a functioning society and humans socializing with other humans, there will be drama, gossip, unjust comparisons and outlandish theories about a character’s backstory. Embrace it as a part of your life and don’t take everything too seriously, a philosophy I’m desperately trying to follow.

Want to chat and gossip with me? The comments section is wide open. Oh, you meant something more private? Well contact me here or DM me on Twitter. As usual,

Much love,