The last few days have been a busy mess. I haven’t gotten any writing done as a result. There were times when I thought, I should write something, maybe even an irrelevant post to keep up the practise, but I never got around to doing it. As someone with a history of chronic procrastination (There’s a dirty rhyme to this somewhere too) it made me wonder, does my unorganised lifestyle and ill-scheduling make me inefficient?

There isn’t a yes or no answer to that question. Writing, as a craft, is done best when one has the inspiration, the muse for it. It cannot be scheduled. The same goes for most other art forms such as music, painting etc. Hell, even a mathematician might fail to solve a rather annoying problem during his regular office hours, only for the way to solve the question strike him when he’s at home, chilling.

On the other hand, I’ve done some of my best work when I was working under a schedule. I always tend to perform better when under pressure, getting things done on time. Not to mention having a tight schedule can be beneficial for your health too. If you have set times to do everything during the day, you’re much more likely to have a proper sleeping schedule, heavily reducing the chances of a mental breakdown and you’re much more likely to take your meals on time, heavily reducing the chances of physical ailments.

The clerks and cashiers we usually see at the bank and ticket booking counters, they’re probably not the fastest pair of hands when it comes to counting money but they definitely are more efficient. You and I might count a few notes faster, but in the long run, we’re more prone to make mistakes than they are. In the further longer run, our average speed would decrease a bit and our efficiency at counting the notes would be higher.

The above example again goes to show how practising meticulously in a well organised way is key to better efficiency. In the end, it can be said that being organised improves one’s efficiency in some areas where meticulous and repetitive work is involved, but the same may not be true for a poet or a musician which rely on inspiration and muse. You can’t organise that!

Well this is my unofficial return to writing. How can it be official anyway? The Shining Gem doesn’t have an office. Terrible jokes aside, tell me what you think of the topic in the comments section below.

Also, I haven’t been writing for a while now and I’m incredibly rusty (as can be seen by the effort on this post). In an attempt to get back to it, I need topics. Please tell me if you want me to write on a particular topic, dear readers! Your help is very much needed and appreciated. Either do so in the comments section or you can contact me.

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