Life is full of changes, big or small. A different route to go to your office is a change. Getting a different milkman is change. Getting a big promotion and moving abroad is a change.

Some of us embrace the changes in our lives, some even look forward to them. Some others, however, utterly despise them. These people want everything to remain exactly the same for months, years, decades even, and complain and whine away every time anything new or fresh happens.

For such people, things changing signify the ultimate end. It makes them realize that everything they hold dear to themselves will. indeed, come to an end someday. They just can’t seem to come to terms with the humbling realization. Yet, whether they like it or not, change is bound to happen, no matter how hard they try to stop it.

I, on the other hand, have a different take on the subject altogether. I feel that small insignificant things change all the time and one should not get caught up in them. What needs to be looked at is the bigger picture.

Think in terms of nature. Even after millions of years of this planet, floods still happen, volcanoes still erupt, lightning still strikes. Sure, earth has come a long way forward by supporting life, evolving from single cell organisms to dinosaurs to human beings and beyond. In the future, there will be utter annihilation and mass extinction and end of life as we know it, but even then some other planet, maybe Mars, would start supporting life and the endless cycle would repeat. In the larger scheme of things, there is no change. Just like the cycle of reincarnation.

Now, think in terms of the human society. Even after thousands of years of technological advancements, education, multiple cultural renaissances, extended periods of time of multiple forms of government, scams still happen, rapes still happen, murder still happens.

We have all the physical comforts available to us, but do we ever behave different (in instinctual terms) from our ancestors? There were sane people back then and there are sane people now. Then, the King’s son got away scot free for murder, and today a politician’s son gets away with rape scot free.

Earlier, doctors did not have the means/expertise to treat the patient and as a result, the patient used to die. Now, big hospitals prescribe hundreds of tests and transplants, run up bills valuing lakhs of rupees and still, the patient dies. In the bigger scheme of things, where is the change?

No matter how safe and sound we make our society, there are going to be miscreants and of course, there is going to be mother nature. Some things never change and it has rightly been said so.

What do you think of the above topic? If you indeed think that we can effect change, at least in our human society, please share how you would be going about it? The comments section is wide open. For any personal interaction or request for collaboration, you can contact me here or DM me on Twitter.

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