We’ve all been there. We all have conjured up the perfect plan at one point or the other . Sometimes it is life defining things like plans about your career, marriage, family ties etc and sometimes it is mundane things like how you’d prepare the perfect next meal or how you’d learn to drive a car by the end of the year.

Yet, most of those things are just that, plans. No matter how perfect they are, they still need proper execution in order to be successful. That being said, it is also important to realize that the business plans or major personal plans that you make may look good on paper, but they won’t necessarily be practical in real life.

I see a lot of students gloating over how their business idea “won” over the evaluation panel and how they could be the next big thing in the business world, but without any practical experience to show for it, they’re bound to fail. For example, they say they’ll source 4 bus drivers to run their new travel business, but what would they do if one of the drivers continuously keeps showing up drunk and the passengers suffer as a result. Sure they can fire him and hire a new one, but how would they cope with the loss of patronage?

However, not all hope is lost. After all, practice makes a man perfect. Throughout life, one is bound to face numerous challenges both in their personal and professional life and definitely a lot of “perfect plans” would be thrown off course. The key here is to never lose hope.

The execution of any plan should be on point, with a no nonsense attitude. One should always try hard and make the best use of whatever life throws at them. I know this sounds very philosophical and cliche but hey, what can you do? At best, you can try, most of the times, things will fall into place and you will have the perfect execution of your perfect plan.

Man writing seems to be getting harder with each passing day. Perhaps I should start writing a few more personal anecdotes to get that groove back. As for this post, I feel that the plan was on spot, but the execution was a big swing and a miss. Do you think the same? Tell me in the comments section below.

Also tell me about what you think of the topic. Has it ever happened that you had the perfect plan, but you failed because of terrible execution? It can be related to anything, school, work, personal life. Tell me, I’d be interested in knowing.

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