I got this notifications a few days back. Now, I’ve never celebrated a milestone like “hitting 1000 likes” or “gaining 2000 followers” or “OMG my post just went viral!!!1” but this one, I had to share.

The thing is, milestones to the tune of likes and follows don’t excite me much. It’s not really hard to farm for likes and follows. However, what is impressive about a blog is it’s longevity. You can’t buy time.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers that are heavily active in the first few months or so, and them completely falling off the radar. I myself have been a victim of that circumstance on a few of my former blogs. This blog, though, is special. It has brought immense joy and pleasure to me and I am glad I’ve gritted through a whole year to reach this stage.

I know I haven’t been active recently. That’s because of some personal stuff that has really diminished my drive and passion to write. I am not sure if I’ll ever get my MoJo back but I can assure that this blog is here to stay. Brace yourself for a lot of infrequent posts, dear reader!

Much love,