A completely desolate place devoid of any human life for many many miles.

A red building of a colonial outlook, part of it still under construction.

The “inmates”, some of them at ease, at peace.

Some of them newly condemned, walking haphazardly in their “uniforms”

trying, trying really hard to get the assigned tasks done on time,

getting in on the good books of the guards.


belonging to the latter, realise that my mates and I are at the bottom of the pecking order.

No one to represent us, no one to help us but the unity among us.

For me though,

these shenanigans don’t matter

Soon enough, my time will be up, and I,

will get that sweet,

sweet release, from being,

Stranded on Death row.

Inspirations: Calvin Broadus Jr., Andre Young, Ricardo Emmanuel Brown, Warren Griffin.