It was a bright sunny morning when I walked to my first class at Springfield High as a grade 11 student. Springfield High, a legacy school boasting of current day cricketers and CEOs as its alumni was the fever dream of many a parents who wanted their kids to get admission there and gain access to one of the best education environments the country had to offer.

In fact, my parents had a big feast right before I was supposed to move to Springfield.

Being from the small town of South Park, it seemed a daunting task to move to the big city of Springfield and make a living of my own, all alone. It didn’t help that none of my South Park Junior High school mates got admission here, and hence did not move to Springfield, leaving me no choice but to try and fit in here and make new friends.

Although the morning was bright, the walk from my depressing single guy apartment to the classroom was dull as a post. Unmotivated, I sat on an empty bench somewhere in the middle rows and got ready to absorb as much knowledge the teacher was willing to throw at me.

Right before the first lecture was about to start, I was startled by a deep voiced “Excuse me”. I looked up to find a bulky guy standing near the edge of the bench.

“Hello, my name is Anurag. May I sit here with you?”

“Oh, of course, sure, why not? I am Aditya Parashar, by the way.” My small town shy guy traits were flaring up.

“Thank you.” He said, after sitting and setting down his equally heavy backpack. “You look new here, where are you from?” He added.

“South Park. You?”

“Springfield itself. I am one of the few insiders of this school. Ones who have been studying here right since the kindergarten.”

“That’s quite lucky, people back home would kill to get admission over here.”

My statement was met with a chuckle. I could sense the awkwardness.

It was at that exact moment that I noticed her. Back length hair, cute as a button face, milky white skin and a million dollar smile. She entered the classroom with a few of her friends and sat down on the first bench.

“Maybe this class won’t be so bad after all.” I thought to myself.

I was just trying to get another glimpse of her from back at my seat when the bell rang and the class started. The teacher tried very hard to make the class interactive, but most of the students were new and were small town blokes like myself. It finally meant that the few original students of the school like Anurag dominated the interaction.

I also noted that she was especially active in the discussion and all the answers given by her were crisp, well articulated and well structured. I do not know why but I was quite enamored by her.

She seemed like the perfect girl: Intelligent, Smart and Beautiful. I nudged Anurag and asked, “Is that girl a Springfield High Original like you? Why is she being so active in the class?”

“Oh her, yes, she is an insider. Her name is Meera. She indeed is very active in the class; after all, she did top the 10th grade not only in the school but also in the whole district. But why are you asking?”

“Nothing, I was just curious.”

“Oh come on, I saw the way you were leering at her. I know what’s going on in that head of yours, but I must warn you, you should stay away from her.”


“Look, Aditya, you’re quite new here, you shouldn’t be asking so many questions. Just trust me on this and stay away from her.”

“Well, that wasn’t of any help.” I thought to myself. “Although at least I know her name now. Yet, I wonder what could be so sinister that Anurag was warning me about her? Does she have a scary boyfriend? Does she have a tragic past? I have to find out.”

At that moment, I realised that she’s a good looking, top scoring student and I’m just an average lurker, even if I did find out about her, what would I even do with that information? She’s out of my league anyway.

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