Sometimes, one needs a wake up call while other times, he needs a hammer on the head to realize the losing grip on reality. Dear Readers, I am back today after quite a long and intermittent hiatus after experiencing the latter.

I have been busy, yes, but more than that, I have been drifting away from writing as a hobby. I’ve become rusty, lost motivation and lost any sort of hobbies that I had. Yet, I do realize the mundane nature of my actions.

When I started this blog site, I was fresh out of college, trying to build credibility in a virtual world while at the same time giving myself an outlet to focus on my inner feelings and thoughts and present them to the world in a, well, presentable way for lack of a better word.

Now that I am in post grad school, while the curriculum and my personal commitments keep me busy, I still feel a void inside of me. The moment I came to realize about the void, I immediately went into a hunt for options to keep me occupied, entertain me, give a vessel to the tormented thing that is my soul.

What I didn’t realize was that sometimes, the simplest of solutions aren’t outwards but inwards.

Sometimes, we just need to go back to the basics. We have got to remember our family, our loved ones, our friends, teachers and mentors. They care for us, teach us and motivate us ever since we’re little children, and even when one is, say, 62 years old, there are people whom we can look up to.

But enough about people. What was I to do when faced with the aforementioned dilemma? While looking inwards, I really thought to myself, why not go back to the blog I used to be so proud of.

Most people can only dream of the kind of things I used to post, the kind of thoughts I used to have and the kind of community I built over here. I may be a bit rusty right now, but I am quite confident that I can get my mojo back. You know what they say, the harder you fall the higher you bounce.

It might be a difficult road ahead, but it isn’t impossible to tread on this road. I can still find a multitude of things to write about, think about and make you think about, dear reader.

The Shining Gem might have had a dull recent past, but be assured, he is going to glimmer once again, perhaps much brighter than before.

Much Love,