What do you do?

When you feel vulnerable


Not sure what to do

Not sure whom

To turn to

Not sure if

Sharing would solve any of your problems.


Yet still,

You take the plunge

You bare your soul

Only to be crushed

Once again


Yet again

Into that old familiar rut.



Even more so than before

Unsure of yourself

For sharing your problems

Only drives people

Further away.


And that’s when

The clouds of doubt

Kick in,

No one likes the real you

Your vulnerable self

The only thing they like

Is how confident you are

To the outside world

And that’s when you feel

The empty hollows of your soul

For no one would ever

Want to know the real you

And your soul

Would be lonely

For eternity

For even you won’t ever

Show the real, vulnerable you

Not once, to anyone

Ever again.