I was addicted

A user

of a drug so strong

a drug so potent


which killed me

from the inside

day by day

hour by hour


I was addicted

for melancholia seemed worse

the drug did wonders

I was free at last

from the lonesome worries

and humiliating insecurities

but as great as the high seemed

it did things to me

nasty things

It narrowed my vision

made me myopic

It dilated my heart

Water flowed in my veins

instead of the red serum

Every hit made me crave for more

My tongue against the sweet soft flesh

licking, kissing inhaling and snorting

Made me weaker day by day


As we all know

God works in mysterious ways

and work he did

making me realize

to mend my wrong ways

but the battle was not over

for there was

yet to be

The Withdrawal

P.S. – I don’t do drugs and neither should you and “The Withdrawal” would be the Part-II to this. This is my first time trying something completely out of the box and out of my comfort zone so please do comment what you think.

Much Love,