Taking a walk down the memory lane

Makes me realize

I’ve been treading down

A path so lonesome

Even ghouls would think twice before strolling.



It would be unfair of me to say

There haven’t been companions

Souls as miserable as mine

If not more so

Holding hands

Teaching me how to walk

Teaching me how to write

Teaching me how to ride a bike

Showing me how it feels

When a soul other than your own

Cares about your being

A momentary flash in a pan

They start to wither away

Almost as definitely as the Sun

Ready to rise every morning


And then

There comes a time

When people ignore you

Like smokers ignore the cancer sign

Forcing you to carry your lonesome existence

Oh won’t someone tell them

What we studied in Class I

Man is an interdependent animal

It isn’t alright to be a lone wolf


In the end

I still walk the desolate road

Each time more bruised

Than the previous encounter

A hardened, hopeless persona

Just counting the days in time.