I sit alone and I think

What would have been

Countless lost opportunities

Countless scenarios, could-have-beens

It gets daunting, overwhelming

Further bringing me to the thought

Why do we immerse ourselves into the past?


It is indeed a problematic disposition

Keeping us immersed in the perennial half empty glass

Forming a bubble around us

The swift realities, twisted and turned

What was looked down upon earlier

Has become the common sense

The realities beyond the bubble

Turning into a blurry mess

For common sense dictates

You must never question the abyss

No matter how morbid the reality gets

The societal tools in place

Continue to question your sense

What if you had taken up that offer

Or what if you hadn’t rejected that person

You keep questioning yourself

Drowning deeper into the void

You’re immersed into the sea of emotions

Not by your own choice

Yet, it is up to you

To take up the hard journey of getting out.