When I read the above mentioned quote for the first time, it immediately reminded me of my dearest friend. This friend of mine, by all accounts, is a cynic, yet, at the same time, the most ambitious person I know.

As such, it made me think, do cynics and pessimists are better equipped, at least mentally, to prepare lemonade out of any lemons life might throw their way?

For the record, I find people who question everything quite fascinating. If you tell them about any scenario, their quick thinking leads them towards everything that might go wrong in said scenario.

Now, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Most people would get downright irritated at the constant questioning, but I, for one, believe in giving them the benefit of doubt.

If one thinks about the worst thing out of any possible scenario, they’re automatically mentally geared towards preparing for the worst possible outcome. However, this isn’t the only advantage.

Such line of thought helps one stay grounded, be level headed and reasonable, and shift the focus towards internal hardwork. We all know how the global intelligence agencies like the CIA, the KGB, or the RAW work, and how their superior usage of psychology is always successful in keeping the common man out of the loop.

It is only when the cynics keep questioning everything that we develop fool proof plans, untraceable heists and corrective actions which are free of loopholes.

Hence, to my dearest best friend and all the cynics, keep questioning, you’re doing God’s work.