By the end of this post, you will hate me for doing this and kick yourself for not thinking of this earlier.

  1. Always leave likes, no matter what! Doesn’t matter if you read the post or not, the mere fact that you laid your eyes on it warrants a like. Just make sure you don’t like a lot of the same person’s posts in succession, that would make you look like a tool. Just like a couple of posts and move on, that’s enough to get your name on that coveted notifications list and also to suggest that you read the posts.
  2. The above point has a drawback though. After a few “like campaigns” WordPress temporarily bans you from liking any posts for a few hours but there’s a workaround to this. Do the good ol’ blog hopping and start liking comments. This is a bit of a danger area though. Comment likers are massively looked down upon for cheating their way into your notifications list and lose you some “respected blogger” points. Hence, just like the comments that look meaningful, and just one or two per author. The author will not only appreciate you for reading the post and getting into the comments section but also for interacting within the comments section.
  3. Award posts are a massive steal. Always comment “Congratulations, well deserved” without even looking further than the title of the post. The author will most definitely thank you for the appreciation and think that you’re a sincere fella that reads and comments on people’s posts. Welp, looks like you gained a new follower right there without even any effort.
  4. Follow people en masse. If you’re worried that’s gonna clog up your email, just turn off email notifications for new posts. Some people say that you shouldn’t follow everyone. Just follow a few people in your niche and topics of interest, I feel that’s a bunch of crap. There is no reason a political blog run by a 54 year old man cannot follow a fashion blog run by a petite 22/F. Following a lot of topics can help you discover new interests. (only in case you stop liking and start reading)
  5. Appreciate everything. It doesn’t matter if the post has crap grammar, no structure and you can’t make head or tails out of it. Some posts are so bad they can literally make you throw up. But all you gotta do is wipe that mom’s spaghetti off your sweater and comment something like “Wow, this post is so amazingly well written. It changed my life. I’ll never look at [Insert topic here] the same way again.”
  6. In the end, be yourself. So what if you don’t read every post that shows up on your reader? So what if you can’t comment on every post that asks a question? The real key to unlocking WordPress glory is being yourself. Be honest, be truthful, but only when you get caught. Until then, fake sincerity as much as you can. As they say, fake it till you make it.

Are you guilty of any of the above? Tell me in the comments section below. Also, share some of your own tips for blogging newbies. If you liked the post (no pun intended), do comment “Wow, this post is so amazingly well written. It changed my life. I’ll never look at blog advice posts the same way again.”

Much love,