Earlier today, I was having a haircut. As soon as the barber tucked in the protection cloth, my nose started itching. I waited uncomfortably until the barber was done so I could scratch it, but as soon as everything was done and I was freed, voila! The itch magically went away.

What is it about nose itches though? It happens around 90-95% of the time I visit the barbershop. A lot of times, my hands even fight their way out of the cloth to satisfy the itch, and that feeling when you finally get to scratch a nagging itch can be described by only one word, heavenly! Yet still, as soon as my hands go back to their places, it creeps up again, at which point, I’m self conscious enough to not keep constantly scratching and finally, have to give in to it until everything is done.

It’s not just the barber shop though. Whenever I am carrying groceries, either from the market to the car or from the car to the house, my old enemy is back at it again. I’m of the old school mentality. I believe that men never ask for directions. I also believe that real men don’t take two trips to carry anything. Here’s an exaggerated picture of me not taking two trips:


Now as you can see from the picture, this is the worst time for an itch to creep up. The worst part of all this is when you actually get your hands free all ready to attack that itch, it just disappears, depriving you of that sweet sweet satisfaction of finally having your nails over that cursed spot of skin, which would have made it all worthwhile. If someone knows the psychology behind this phenomenon, please educate me.

While we’re on this topic, there’s another thing I’d like to mention, although I feel this happens because I’m an unlucky fellow.

We had a lift in our hostel. The phone would get no reception within the lift, so if you had to talk to someone, you had to step out. Whenever I was about to get into the lift, I used to get a phone call, and not just a phone call, the most important phone call of the day.

I used to sit on my ass all day doing nothing and no one would call, but right at the moment when I couldn’t talk, the phone would ring. This happened while going to the bathroom too. No one calls when the phone is right in front of me, but just when I’d be showering or taking a dump, the phone would ring.

Am I the only one who has experienced this?

Tell me about your quirky experiences in the comments section below.

Much love,