To all the newbie bloggers out there, read this! A lot of people just give up on new interests and hobbies because they think they’re not good and never will be, but guess what? It is not about being good, it is about being yourself and having a good time.

This post is a very apt psychological description of when we try new things (not just blogging), do give it a read and do give the author a follow!

Thanks. 🙂

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Well, first of all this is my very first post and I hope I carry same enthusiasm and excitement as I have today. I was very much hesitant to start writing because of my poor writing skills(I think) and situation became even worse after reading some of the amazing stuff which were so much better than the idea I have had to start off with. That actually lead me to escape out of this dilemmatic situation. Which was never a great idea though!  So, Finally I am starting off today by answering to myself and to the people like me explaining why we should start blogging here from today itself without having any hesitation.

We all (People like me) who have a wish and will to do something on this platform to explore themselves, to write something about the idea on their mind, to improve their writing skills, to get some following…

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