Boy oh boy WordPress is a weird place. I’m gone for a couple of months and it has made me unfollow a bunch of blogs. And not just plain and simple unfollow, no. Email notifications of the posts are still coming through, and when I open the people’s blogs indivudually then also it shows that I am following them, but when I open their page on the WordPress reader, it shows that I’m not already following them, which is ironic since the reader is the very place I saw their blog and clicked to visit.


So anyway, I am following back as soon as I see the “Follow” button in blue as opposed to green, even though for all practical purposes (email and showing up on the reader) I already am technically following you, so if you get a notification that I just followed you, don’t think that I had unfollowed previously.

WordPress is weird, isn’t it? Its job should be encouraging people to read other people’s work and not cut their contacts off. Silly.

But anyway, since this is a lighthearted post, do tell me what’s been happening? I know I’ve been away for a while and haven’t read as much as I used to, so if you would like to share a post with me, do link it below.

Also I’d love to know how your lives are going, is there any progress, any demotions, anything you’d like to talk about, I’m up for it. Let’s make a chatty comments section here.

Much love,